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Saturday, September 20, 2014

No-Sew Roman Shade

I'm BAAAACKK!  And with a no-sew Roman Shade, no less!  Ok, so it's not my finest DIY, but, it's functional and easy to do.  And it was FREE!  I followed a couple of different tutorials out there to get 'er done.

Dramasaur's blinds were a mess.  Broken ends, and one side did not go up.  I took them down, and dismantled them according to some of the suggestions I found online.  I do not have a photo.  I was IN IT.

I simply used a navy blue blackout panel I'd bought at Target many, many moons ago.  The thing had been moved with our linen closet to three different houses, so, it was past time to use it!

I measured the width of the slats, and folded my panel accordingly, using Heat-n-Bond to secure it.

I decided how many pleats I wanted the blind to have (5), and divided my panel, subtracting 2 inches for the width of each slat.  My slats ended up being 9 1/4 inches apart, with the very top of the shade 10 inches from the first slat.  Confused much?

So, I glued the slats down with craft glue meant for fabric and plastic.  I piled everything heavy I could find on each one as I went, making sure the glue was dried tightly. 

Then I just hung the blind/shade back where it came from and, VOILA!

Sorry again for crappy photos.  I promise, I'll be investing in a decent camera come tax time!  Of course, shooting a window in the intense summer afternoon sun is never an easy thing.

Looking back, I wish I had measured according to the window, rather than the existing blind, to eliminate that gap between the wall and the blind.  But it does the job.  Almost too well!  My son never wants to get up now, as he thinks it's still night time!


  1. I love no sew projects! Great shade :)

    1. Thanks's worked pretty well so far, though my manly man actually broke it once already! Easy fix, since I forgot to make a slit for the cord to run through to the front!


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