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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Poor Logan!

So, you may not know that Logan has been fighting a peri-anal abscess since February of 2008.  We've had multiple courses of antibiotics, and the thing has come and gone.  It swells up, gets really painful, and then cracks open (thankfully usually in the tub!).  Once he was out of diapers & pull-ups we thought we were through with the nasty thing. 

Well, over the weekend, he started complaining that his stomach and booty hurt.  Sunday night he was just crying in pain, and with the head cold on top of it, he was miserable.  I finally just asked to see his butt, and there it was.  About the size of a pea, angry red and hard.  Poor baby!

Took him in yesterday.  Went over the history with our ped, Dr. Chavez (who we love!).  She did a very thorough checkup, and decided to go ahead with some Septra for the abscess and for the fluid collecting in his right ear, hopefully head off an infection there.  She also started calling for a surgical consult, and we went out for labs and such as well, to try and determine if this is just a run-of-the-mill abscess, or if it's actually a deeper, larger fistula (which is what we are leaning toward, given the 2-year history).

So now we are waiting.  We've got abx and pain meds (since it's painful to sit) and hopefully will be able to see the surgeon this week.

Continuing the spread of great news, a friend of mine was diagnosed last week with breast cancer - she is my age!  Today is her oncology consult, so any prayers you want to shoot Jaime's way would be appreciated.  Ben's dad is holding his own and so far doing ok, but prayers for him are also welcome.  Thankfully our family is relatively healthy for now, and hoping to stay that way.

School starts in a few weeks, and thus a new chapter in the book 'Wild Workman'.

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