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Friday, March 22, 2013

Conversations with Pigpen: Episode 5

Me: so what happened to your listening ears today?
Piggy: ohh umm them died.
What do you say to that?

I think my uterus hates me.

Why is it that no matter what's happening, or how long/short/random/predictable my cycles are, I ALWAYS have to start my damn period the day before a trip?! 

Now I must sacrifice precious shoe-space to the dang tampon box.  Because everything, even panocha-plugs, is more expensive at the beach.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I just ran across this on FB.  It. Blew. My. MIND.  Seriously, I thought I was the only grinchy gal out there.  Give it a read.  I guarantee Kristen will blow your mind too.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Oh. Em. GEEE!

Seriously y'all, I'm like, fer realz now.  Kyla over at Mommy's Weird contacted me a while back and asked me to guest post.  ME.  (gulp)

So, as misguided and crazed as I thought her to be, I did it anyway.  And here it is!  I'm sharing my list of 10 Things I Was NEVER Prepared to Say Out Loud.  Click on over to see what I've shared, stay a while and find out all the reasons why Mommy's Weird!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Number 9?

Wow!  Time really flies when you fill it with kids and dogs and being married.  And all that other stuff of life, like work and home and errands and such.  Which is why I am still having a hard time wrapping my brain around 9 years of a long uphill climb marital bliss togetherness.

So, Happy Anniversary to me and Grumpasaur! It's been 9 years and we haven't killed each other yet - God is GOOD. Up, down, sideways and backwards, we've been through it, worked at it, and emerged battered but victorious. There's nobody else I'd rather be doing this crazy marriage thing with than you.
Here we are, 9 long years ago, a little older and wiser than some, not so old as to be totally set in our ways...oh, did I mention we expanded our family in that first year?

And here we are last year at this time, drunk on a few days without 3 kids, at the beach in Cambria.  BLISS.  Unfortunately, this is our off-year for anniversary trips!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Conversations with Pigpen: Episode 4

Mom! There's a horse in there you know.

Um, I don't think one would fit in there. Especially without any windows.

Mom, actually you know Old MacDonald is farm is far. Yep. Weally far.
Look! A big bag!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Conversations with Pigpen: Episode 3


I'm loud."

Conversations with Pigpen: Episode 2

"MOM!  Don't step over hewuh inna duht."

Said patch of dirt is nowhere near any place I ever walk, so, um, ok.  But I had to ask.  WHY do I always have to ask?!

'Why Piggs?'

"I bewied da fish right hewuh. Dat's why."

I'm confused now.  We only have one fish, swimming happily in Drama's room upstairs.  Yet again, I have to ask.  DANG IT!!!

'Um, Piggs, what fish did you bury?  Not Mr. Gold right?'

"DUH Momma - my cwackuhs from Sunday School Day.  I didn't like dum, and I not 'posed to frow away da food.  So I bewied dem."

The. End.

Conversations with Pigpen: Episode 1

Piggy is so flipping hilarious that I just this very moment decided that I need to do a running post of the shizz he says.  Fer Realz peeps, it's cross-your-legs funny.

For instance, yesterday.  Driving home, The Pig is lamenting the fact that we are running later than usual.  As we drive up to the house and the garage door goes up...

Piggy: 'Betcha da twuck is inna gwage since we runnin late....HEY!  We beated daddy home!'

(I don't normally engage him when he says stuff like that, because it's a losing argument, but for some reason today...)
Me: 'Pigs, it's not a race - we just drive home like normal.'

Piggy: 'Nope, we was WACEING weally, weally fast like a wacecaw and ZHOOOM we getted home before daddy and budders and I get to WATCH MY SHOW!!'

(crickets started chirping)

Me: 'Um, pigs, it's really not a race.  Sometimes we are home sooner, sometimes daddy gets to leave early and...
Piggy (rudely interrupting): 'WELL.  It was a WACE in my HEAD (picture indignant little face complete with head-bobble & wagging pointy finger)!'

Really, what can you say to that?  I guess I'm just glad he has an active imagination?

Happy Birthday Stanky!

I totally thought I posted this last week - guess I failed again huh?

Stanky, I cannot believe you are 6 now!  Yesterday you were a not-so-tiny month early baby who had gas from day 1.  Now you are a big kindergartner, a budding artist, and all-around fun kid.

You make my days sweeter with your hugs & kisses, freely given.

You make me smile constantly with your silly jokes that make no sense.

Your love-hate relationship with your brothers by turns melts my heart and makes me want to, well, um, nevermind because somebody will want to call CPS (damn meddlers!)

You astonish me every day with your drawings and building creations - I never knew a 5/6-year old could make things like that.  I can't make things like that!

You make me laugh when you run, cause you look kinda like a goose.

I love how you demand mommy-time, even though you ask at the worst times possible.  And usually to tick off your brothers.

You are working SO hard to learn your stuff!  I'm so proud of you for always doing your best, even when you don't know how. 

I haven't heard you say "I can't..." in quite a while now.  Love that.

And I love your dimples!!! (WARNING: Gratiuitous photo-sharing ahead!)