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About Us

Moi ~ Working mom of 3 boys.  Wanna-be photographer.  I'd be a great cook if my family was interested in eating more than meat n' taters and nugget-shaped bits of chicken by-product.  Ususally running late due to interference from lame turtles with bi-focals forgetting where they put whatever it is they can't live without on a 3-minute drive to school/store/park/nana's house.  By the by, I was never late until I got married. 

The Grumpasaurus.  Totally hot firefighter man.  And goofy dad.  Wore a pastel shirt the other day, for another woman whom he fears more than me (Note to Self: Must meet this woman and learn the ways of the Force.)

Dramasaur - Threat #1.  Given to fits of uncontrollable weeping in the manner of Toddlers With Tiaras.  Crazy mad water skilz.  Loves science and math.  Wonderful with Threat #3, but it can go either way with Threat #2.  Self-constipates, resulting in horrible toilet-sitting duties for parental units, including initiating a quarantine zone for interested siblings.  AKA Divasaur.

Stanky - Threat #2.  Flatulent comedian.  Momma's cuddle boy.  Moody middle child.  Given to fits of spanking when he doesn't like what #1 or #3 are doing.  Bad habit of climbing in my bed every. single. night.  Has suddenly forgotten how to dress himself.  And how to flush.  AKA Whiney.
Thing - Threat #3.  Freaking adorable, and he knows it.  Goofy as all get-out.  Insists on having/doing exactly what #1 and #2 are having/doing.  FEARLESS.  Jumps off the diving board like a flying squirrel. Recently acquired ability to school adults in their own dang rules.  Desperately wishing for a mohawk haircut.  Disgusting insistence on inspecting toilet leavings & commentating loudly.  AKA Skunk-butt.

Hairy Threat #1 - recently displaced, semi-incontinent, recently afflicted with hairballs.  Old as sin.  For a cat anyway.  Hates #2 and #3 - strangely affectionate with #1, though was recently spotting allowing #2 to carry her around.  Wants to kill my brother on sight.  AKA The Big B.

Hairy Threat #2 - big, goofy, shed-y, swimming black lab.  Does a great job of herding my lame turtles, and cleaning up their food messes.  Loves bananas and Big Stick popsicles.  History of severe aversion to zippers of all kinds.  Likes the taste of mineral mud, but only when stuck to expensive hiking boots.  Mad baseball skilz (with a plastic bat and tee of course), but bad habit of eating the bat when she strikes out.  Unfortunate skin reaction to pool-water, causing bad case of stanky dog.  AKA The Vacuum.