Additional Awesomeness...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Just a few more hours

and Logan will be in surgery.  We have to report in at 6 am, so it will be a VERY early morning for us!  We are so blessed to be able to have Darwin's mom here to watch the guys for us this month, and for my mom to be able to shuttle Aidan around while we worked out the school schedule kinks this last week. 

Prayers and positive thoughts will be much appreciated tomorrow, as Logan goes in for his fistula repair.  Praying that this clears everything up, and he has no more problems.  I do have to say that I'm worried about him; he's been complaining about his eyes hurting for the last few days.  He's sleeping well, but either this infection is just wearing him out, or he's got something else going on.  Praying it's the infection, and that the eye pain goes away soon once the infection is dealt with.

Aidan starts Campus Club tomorrow - another first after a long, difficult week of craziness.  I'm hoping that he adjusts easily, and settles in with his new friends.  Apparently he's already got a posse - Isaiah and Ramiro are his buddies of the moment.  I haven't had any reports from the teacher, so I'm keeping a positive outlook!  Aidan and his buds in Pre-K were self-named the "Beasties".  Yeah, imagine the possibilities.

Going to sign off soon - it's an early day tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ick, and other fun tidbits

Put a call in to Dr. Chavez today about Logan.  In the week between his visit with her and our consult with the surgeon, Logan had lost almost 5 pounds.  When I picked him up yesterday (which I generally avoid doing out of respect for my back) he felt even lighter, and he's been eating only peas, grapes and oatmeal. 

SOOOOOO.  We have to do some poop tests to rule out a c.Diff infection (fun times for me).  I just love fishing for poop with 3 boys elbowing in for the best viewing area.  Hopefully he can "produce" tonight and we can get the

Have to get him some Tums and some Lactaid too, since all of the abx he's been on probably tore up his tummy and screwed up his ability to digest dairy.

His surgery is scheduled for the 31st, but I hope we can figure out why he's so not himself (more so than the other times he's had fistula flares) and get him feeling better before then!

Monday, August 2, 2010

It's surgery for Logan...

Well, we saw the pediatric surgeon today.  Dr. Tamura is a very nice, very thorough physician.  He went through the progression of Logan's abscess, all of our history, and kept him involved the entire time.  Of course, no matter how much Logan liked him, he was NOT going to let anybody "pinch" his butt!

I'm really glad that Darwin was able to make it this morning.  We actually had to hold the poor kid down so the doctor could get a good look at the abscess.  Apparently it's not looking bad this morning - getting a nice puss-y head on it, but not really red.  Logan was very unhappy, but looked relieved when nobody tried to pop his butt.

A few white-board diagrams later, Dr. Tamura had explained that what Logan likely has is a sort of tunnel between his butt cheek and the inside of his rectum.  Bacteria grows there, and slowly fills the tunnel, until it reaches the outer edge and forms a pustule under the skin.  These are apparently fairly common in children.  Best course (since we've done at least 6 rounds of abx so far!) is to go in endoscopically, and follow the tunnel to it's inner opening.  Cauterize the opening and continue cautery on the way back out.  The idea is that the tunnel will fill in with scar tissue, blocking the acess and curing the problem. 

But there's a kicker.  Apparently these types of abscesses can proliferate throughout the body, and they don't always manifest where you can see them.  The hope right now is that this is the only one, it can be cured, and will not recur anywhere else.  The other hope is that Logan's upset tummy, sore throat and sore mouth is due to his current round of antibiotics, and not to diffuse disease. 

Surgery is scheduled for August 31.  It seems we will get a call sometime the day before with instructions on surgical prep, arrival time, etc.  Seems an odd way to do it, but whatever.  The first available was the 24th, but Darwin has an out of town class that whole week, and Aidan starts school on the 23rd, Campus Club on the 24th, and all of that with surgery and a convalescent kid would have been WAY too much for me on my own!

I'm praying that the current abscess calms down enough so that Logan can get through a day without Tylenol or Motrin (which he has not been able to do for 4 days now).  Prayers and positive thoughts welcomed!