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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ick, and other fun tidbits

Put a call in to Dr. Chavez today about Logan.  In the week between his visit with her and our consult with the surgeon, Logan had lost almost 5 pounds.  When I picked him up yesterday (which I generally avoid doing out of respect for my back) he felt even lighter, and he's been eating only peas, grapes and oatmeal. 

SOOOOOO.  We have to do some poop tests to rule out a c.Diff infection (fun times for me).  I just love fishing for poop with 3 boys elbowing in for the best viewing area.  Hopefully he can "produce" tonight and we can get the

Have to get him some Tums and some Lactaid too, since all of the abx he's been on probably tore up his tummy and screwed up his ability to digest dairy.

His surgery is scheduled for the 31st, but I hope we can figure out why he's so not himself (more so than the other times he's had fistula flares) and get him feeling better before then!

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