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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter?

So, as most of, well, ok, ALL 3 of you, know, I work full-time.  Divo is in Kindy mornings, then joins up with, Whiney and Thing are with an angel of a sitter during the day.  Which works out just fine, when school is in.  Apparently not so much during vacation.

Day 1 - Monday.  The boys had a hard day.  Whiney spent most of the day in time-out, while Divo spent the afternoon there.  Apparently there was much sticking out of tongues, sassing of the adults, and general hooliganigans (my new word).  No TV, bed immediately following dinner.  No, you cannot play the iPod.

Day 2 - Tuesday.  Pre-sitter pep-talk, unending vows of IwillBeGoodIPromiseIwillIwannaGoHuntEasterEggsDon'tTakeItAwayPuhleese!  Of course, all vows were forgotten 0.34781684 seconds after I walked out the door.  Again, no TV, iPod, computer, outside, etc. etc.

Day 3 - Wednesday.  Again with the pep-talk and vows.  Added new threats and dire warnings to the mix.  Two pairs of totally innocent brown puppy eyes and one pair of hazel ones swear up and down they will be good.  SO.NOT.HAPPENING.

Day 4 - Thursday.  Nana-day.  Apparently the little tyrants were such perfect angels for nana that they got a trip to Storyland AND Playland.  WHUCK?!

Day 5 - Friday.  There was nothing good about this Friday.  Big & Middle (AKA Divo & Whiney) spent the day making our sitter wish she could gouge out her own eyes and stuff them in her ears to make it stop.  Or at least temporarily drown out the noise.  End Result?  Two big guys who were not allowed to go to the church Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.

Day 6 - Saturday.  Biggest Kid welshes on manual-labor clause of punishment.  Thing goes on his first big-boy egg hunt and cleans up.  Tries to return eggs to chickens.  Insists that horses and ponies say MOO.  Fun Times.

And I am officially the Meanest Butt-Cheek Mom EVER and I suck.

Day 7 - EASTER SUNDAY!  Am awakened at 6:10 am by Divo "Guess what the Easter Bunny broughted me!"  Hmmm, I am totally stumped. At 7:10, Divo is back upstairs explaining what the other boys got in their baskets.  I ask if he opened their stuff, fully expecting an honest answer.  He said NOPE.  Head downstairs with Whiney.  And what to my wondering eyes did appear?  A room strewn with Easter schwag, and one smug tyrant!  That, that, that KID just up and opened both of his brothers' baskets, including candy and chocolate bunnies and gifts and such, to satisfy his own curiosity.  WHUCK is WRONG WITH YOU SON?!  To his credit, Whiney did not make any comment about it, and simply tucked in to his chocolate bunny.
Come to find out that Divo has also been outside, scoping all the eggs - Not Cool my friend!  Divo lost his egg hunt privilege.  So, as I explain to D and he explains to Whiney, Whiney comes back with (now, imagine a diva-ish head bobble/finger wag/hand-on-hip stance) "Now THAT sounds like a PLAN!"

I love my kids, even when I want to throttle them.  THE. END.

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