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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh well we're movin' on UUUUPPP!!!

This weekend is THE BIG MOVE.  Still not sure if I'm excited, exhausted or just eh.  Here is my top 11 list of WHY I am so ambiguous about this move:
  1. Packing. Never. Ends.
  2. Downsizing SUCKS SIDEWAYS (at least as far as flinging crap getting rid of the excess goes)
  3. Toys breed.  Legos breed like rabbits, and moving brings them out of their dark little hidey-holes.  Just ask my feet - I haven't gone a day without stepping on a Lego since we found out we were moving.
  4. Broken Toys.  No, they are not your favorite.  No, you did not just play with that last night.  No, you can't keep it.  Said eleventy-billion times a day.
  5. Wedding presents I've never used.  It's hard to get rid of that stuff, even after almost 9 years.  I mean, who besides me really remembers who gave us stuff?
  6. Grumpy DRIVES. ME. INSANE.  This week it's complaining about nothing being packed, being exhaused from work, having so much to do, and not doing a dang thing about any of it. 
  7. Facebook & Pinterest - they make hours go by like minutes when I should be doing something else more productive.
  8. The new house.  Landlords said this & that, but we went last weekend to paint, and geez, walls aren't ready for paint (dirty & holey & still have nails/screws/shelves/hardware in them), baseboards icky, drawers icky, just, a lot of work.
  9. The new house - it's seriously adorb.  But I seriously need to purge furniture to make the people fit.
  10. Kids.  Make. Messes. Of. EVERYTHING.  All of my gifted bubble-wrap has been jumped on, bags full of gifted packing paper rolled in and smooshed, boxes unpacked, or packed with a random pair of peed on chonies wrapped in clean clothes.  Ugh.
  11. PROJECTS.  I adore starting projects.  I usually finish them without a problem.  But moving kind of puts all that on hold, unless I can tear myself away from blog-reading/FB/Pinterest long enough to go buff the wax finish on my credenza without killing my body like last weekend.  But now I have an urge to paint all of my picture frames to match - I'm sick of multi-colored frames.
I know I have at least 10 more reasons, but these are the most compelling at this particular moment in time.  Of course, now I'm blogging when I should be working because of the above, but let's call it my 15 and we're good m'kay?

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