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Monday, September 8, 2014

A little jaunt to San Francisco

Everyone wants to get out of town one last time before school starts.  In our case, it was out of town and out of the HEAT!  So, we took a quick drive over to San Francisco for a day.

We've never taken the boys to the city before, and I wanted to hit the highlights.  So, I made a loose itinerary, and looked up coupons and deals online like it was my job.

We headed out around 6 am, once again borrowing my mom's car with the third row seat.  I swear, my next vehicle will have 3 rows of seating!  It's so wonderful, and such a first-world thing, but seriously, I can't express how nice it is not to hear about someone touching someone else, or leaning, or looking, or just breathing.  

We started off our day at Pier 39.  We hit up the Visitor's Bureau first to score some coupon books.  Two free hours of parking?  Yes please!  Our second stop was the aquarium.  This one has tunnel-view tanks that I wanted the boys to experience.  It's a smaller aquarium, but still cool.  It was the last day of their Shark Week, so we were treated to some extra keeper chats and such.  The tunnel tanks freaked out Piggy a little - I don't think he ever expected to see the underside of a shark with only a few inches between them!

We all enjoyed a walk around the pier, gawking at the sea lions and pointing out Alcatraz Island .  By then we were all approaching hangry status, so we ducked into Bubba Gumps for some lunch.  We ended up only paying $9 for our nearly four hours of parking, thanks to our coupon books and such!  

After the pier, the boys decided we needed to hit a beach.  Any beach.  So, we headed to Golden Gate Park.  Scored some free parking after a search, and headed out for our beach hike.  The views of the bridge and Alcatraz Island were great, as the fog had moved offshore for the day.  It was sunny and warm, with a slight breeze - a perfect beach day!

Good Lookin' Kids!

Obligatory Selfie.  

My guys; Stanky, Grumpasaur, Piggy & Dramasaur!

Stanky the cheese-ball

The Palace of Fine Arts.  Nobody but me wanted to visit.  BOO!

The Golden Gate Bridge

Family Selfie!

Aren't my men handsome?

We spent almost 3 hours at the beach that day.  We took a quick drive up to Coit Tower, drove through Little Italy and pointed out Lombard Street and the TransAmerica building.  We drove over the Bay Bridge to get in and out of the city, but did not have time to take them over to the headlands via the Golden Gate, nor did we have time for a Cable Car ride.  Next time.  And believe me, they are addicted, and there WILL be a next time!

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