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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

61 days and counting

61 days, 21 hours and 5 minutes until Aidan goes to Kindergarten.  But I'm not counting, nor do I have a widget on my computer counting for me! 

He is so excited - every day he has to confirm the name of his school before he gets out of bed.  Then he wants to make sure it's the one across the street, and that Go Jags! is still appropriate.  Then it's "They gotta t-bal team?"  Which I suppose I need to look in to now.

Along with budgeting for school clothes and supplies, the logistical nightmare of drop-off and pick-up, and the lovely fact that we don't get his classroom (or am/pm!) assignment until Back-to-School night, which is only 3 days before school starts!  How the hell I'm supposed to submit a Campus Club schedule a month in advance when I don't know his school schedule is beyond me.

Until then, it's Pre-K days.  No logistics, no crazy schedule.  Just.  Blessed.  Normalcy.

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