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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More growing pains

Thing has learned how to strip.  As in naked.  And to scream BAFF!!!! BAFF!!! while he's doing it, probably assuming that I'll chase his little naked butt-cheeks up the stairs to indulge his bath addiction.

Thing has also mastered the art of the temper tantrum.  As in nasty squincy face throwing self forcefully to the floor and writhing around like an eel tantrum.  OH. JOY.

Whinemaster has apparently forgotten how to dress himself.  MORE JOY.  And I can never choose the right clothes, but he needs help.  Hello Rock, Hello Hard Place.  I've missed you two!

Aaaaannnnd (drumroll please!) Divo has discovered the wonder of hurling insults at his mother when being punished.  I've recently learned that I suck, and that I am the meanest mom ever.  Which, truthfully, I already knew, because, as all moms will tell you, it is our mission in life to me as mean as possible to our children ;)

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