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Friday, March 18, 2011

Muffins with Mom

After my whacktastic few days, I was dreading this wonderful event at Divos' school.  Kinda.  I mean, it's always nice to have a "date" with my oldest, but, given his propensity for fits of schmidt-loss, I don't always look forward to them like maybe I should.

Every furkin morning this week, we have been late.  It's the shoes, or the clothes, or "he hit me" or "he's spitting in my food" or "dog-dog awhshide" followed by Thing attempting to use a sippy as a diamond-cutter to get thru the sliding glass door, which makes me Oh-So-Happy because that there milk trail, yeah, that's gonna trigger the garf when we get home.

That said, we had a pretty uneventful, EARLY morning.  Thing picked out his own shoes for the first time at Target last night (Spidey shoes with lights of course), and insisted on getting dressed ASAP so he could wear them, and do his little stompy-dance for brothes to make the lights turn on.  Mind you, this is the kid who runs around partially naked in the morning pretending to hose down everything in the house.  Voluntarily getting dressed when I want him to.  Alien?  Perhaps, but I LIKE this alien.

Whiney got up and pretty much dressed himself, which lately has been a chore.  He then took himself downstairs (after appropriately admiring Things' shoes) to pester daddy for his shows and the laundry-list of food items he consumes each morning.

Struck a deal with Divo - he could wear yesterdays' socks and jeans, provided he change his shirt and underwear.  SCORE.

So, the 1/2 muffin, coffee and fruit was pretty good.  No meltdowns and no fighting was even better.  Here's to a great start to the weekend!

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