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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Deviousness, and other symptoms of boredom

Yeah, I changed the blog name AGAIN.  I know!  But TT just seemed so much more appropriate now, given the triple-team efforts of the boys, their obsession with boobs and the fact that TT could also stand for 'The Thing' also known as Gavin.  Anyway, moving on.

D is gone.  Until the wee hours of tonight.  He's been gone since Tuesday.  It's been, well, an exercise in patience and sleep-deprivation.  I cannot express to my faithful few how happy I am that he's coming home.  Not just for the nookie, although that is nice.  No, I need back-up!  Actually, I need to take the back-up position for a while and let someone else take the shot first.

Our friend M, who for some reason we have not really seen in over a year (don't know why that is), graciously agreed to ride herd on the TT babysit for us while D is out of town. 

Now, 5 weeks into summer vaycay, boredom and exasperation with the constant company of the same 3 people all day seems to have set in with a vengance.  Thankfully, the TT usually get along pretty well, and apparently were on exemplary behavior on Tuesday.  Ahhh the devious minds of children.

Thing 'helpfully' brought me my phone before I left the house.  Riiiiight.  I so totally forgot my phone!  So, no way for M to get hold of me quickly to verify the outlandish tales of the TT.

To hear them tell it, they are allowed to eat McDonald's and popsicles all day, everyday, with little variation except for the addition of various types of fruit and cookies.  They are also apparently allowed to ride bikes alone and swim all day with capri-sun drinks in hand.

Thankfully, M is smarter than the TT and supervised/took part in all activities.  So of course, they ran her ragged.  But they were good while doing it.  They earned a McD's trip.  They got their cookies, and their popsicles.  They got to swim and ride and shoot baskets.  They refrained from beating on or otherwise antagonizing one another, with the exception of Thing, who was a bit surly and clingy (understandable, since he was all of 3 months when we last saw M).  M agreed to come back the next day.  Mommy is happy. 
The End, until it all fell apart.

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