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Monday, October 24, 2011

I’m not sure about you, but having the ability to suck on one’s own toes kinda grosses me out. And TT1 has the ability. Not so Funny thing though – about 2 days after this:

(Yes, that is his foot.  In his mouth.  So not gonna kiss that!  Anyway.)

He started complaining about a sore throat. I blew him off for a day, then checked his throat. It looked like someone had burned the back of his throat with a miniature car cigarette-lighter, and apparently was just as painful. Now, for those of you with small children, you’ve likely endured a bout or two of hand, foot & mouth virus. Also known as coxsackievirus A-16.
Of course, he had been complaining of canker sores for a few days before he stuck his foot in his mouth, and canker sores are hard to differentiate from HFM lesions. So he probably had it before. It’s just so much more humorous to think otherwise. Not that I’d intentionally…well, maybe I would. It’s just such a PITA thing to have, that I’ve got to do something to make it easier to bear. Other than poking fun at the name coxsackie.
So, we’ve now missed 3 days of school that he really can’t afford to miss (more on that later), endured a weekend of dramatic flailing and wailing about not being able to eat anything in this stupid house, and played kiss/spit referee so often I think I now have arthritis in all my joints.
TT1 and I stayed home from church yesterday, mostly to avoid accidentally infecting other kids (even though we sent the other two off with Daddy, and they are likely carrier-monkeys), but partly so I could instruct the child on the ‘proper’ way to clean his pig sty bedroom. So I got to be mean-mommy-sick-nurse all weekend. Which all means that, this post is all about me whining. So suck it, nobody asked you to read the whole thing. On a positive note, Kate & Lydia (aka the geniuses at rantsfrommommyland) totally posted my Whuck?! I’m so stoked!

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