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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ugh, Mondays suck.

Yeah, they usually do.  Nevermind that I have not recovered from the weekend yet, it’s the first day back at school, daycare and work, which is never easy to get into.

Take this Monday, for example. Now, #3 has been having a hard time with daycare drop-offs since he started back 2 weeks ago. Clingy, snotty, bawling, screaming, hot mess of kid. Every. Single. Day. #2 on the other hand, has loved being back at “school”, and really hasn’t given me a single problem. Until last Monday.
Talk about a switcheroo! It was Columbus Day, which also happened to be a school furlough day, so #1 was on schedule with Nana. Of course, this did not sit well with #2, who started in pretty much as soon as the car doors shut at Nana’s house.
The car stinks. I don’t want to wear these shorts. You’d better turn this car around RIGHT NOW cause I’m not going to school and you can’t make me and I hate these shorts and you SUCK! These shoes suck! I hate these stupid socks! You are the meaniest mom ever and I HATE YOU! Turn this car around RIGHT NOW!!!!!! I’m not going to SCHOOL!!!!
Add in kicking, flailing arms, screeching voice, and you’ve got him. For the entire 15 minute commute to daycare/work. All while #3 sits owl-eyed in the seat behind him.
You may ask yourself how I kept it together. How I talked him down and got on with the day.
HA! I say! I told him like it was. Sorry you’re sad kid, it’s a raw deal I know. If your shorts/shoes/socks were bothering you, you probably should have said something before we left the house, because no, I am no turning the car around at this point. I know I am mean, it’s my job. I love you, and yes, you are going to school. I am done talking, please stop kicking my car before the airbag blows up in your face and I have to sit with you in the ER instead of going up to my office.
I had to physically remove him from the car. Seriously. It was not pretty. And #3 standing there calling his big brother a crybaby did not help.
I had to bodily drag him into the classroom after warning his teacher about his mood, and mandating a nap. The cracked-out honey badger appeared as I attempted to herd #3, who was helpfully chanting “cwy-bee-bee Wogan!” out the door. Thankfully, we have incredibly awesome daycare staff where I work, and they handled him.
#3, you ask? Well, #3 magically morphed. He ran to his classroom, hung up his backpack and took a seat at the breakfast table, patiently waiting for me to open up his peaches and yogurt. A quick kiss and bye mama! It was wonderful. My baby has grown up :(
The only thing that could make my day better is finding out my boss is not leaving for vacation after all……

Nope! Good fortune is mine, and the boss is gone for 10 days, the baby is a drop-off champ, and I got a free lunch.

And #2 was back to his normal sunny self by 4:30. It was a good day.

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  1. You crack me up!!!! Stories another mother enjoys to read...but I must admit that I'm a tad bit worried now with a 1-year-old son and another baby on the way. Oh...the things to look forward too!!!!!


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