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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Vacuum and The Big B

I've not often written of the hairy beasts that I call my first children.  I think it's just because my motley collection of actual small people keep my head spinning so fast I can't even keep up with their crap.

So, The Big B has been banished to the outdoors.  She's so old that she kind of has a tendency to walk and relieve herself at the same time.  Of course, Stanky and Skunk-butt have done the same, but I've yet to make them sleep outside or eat off the ground.  Not that they don't beg to do so...

Back to the point.  So, Big B has been hanging around the front of the house.  She rarely leaves, but has recently been spotted in locales as exotic as the back door, and under the fort.  And, as I saw with my own beady little eyes yesterday, curled up with her arch nemesis The Vacuum. 

Now, The Vacuum has also been banished outside lately, mostly due to a raging case of stank-dog.  I'm assuming that the two hairballs either smelled so much alike that they decided to set aside their differences for a few days, or Vacuum simply thought she'd picked up a rag toy.  Either way, they've been snuggling.  It's weird.  For them anyway.

I know!  The whole dog-cat thing is way overrated and most like each other.  Well people - mine DON'T.  In fact, it's safe to say that B would cheerfully have amputated Vacuum's big black nose for nothing more than chilling her behind.  A year ago maybe. 

Maybe it's the camraderie of being stinky exiles.  Maybe it's just really cold at night.  Maybe I'm reading too much into this and need a drink to clear my head.  Maybe I should just...ah SHREK.  I'll just shut up now.

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