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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Go suck an egg

It’s been a REALLY horrible week. Epically horrible, and no just because I am officially older either. I want this week to go suck a rotten egg already!
Kids can be so horrible to one another. I remember how awful parts of my childhood were because of other kids, and I’d hoped my boys would be able to avoid that crap, at least until they are a little older than 5 and 7. Especially the stuff I’m hearing about that nobody should have to deal with. My heart hurts. My head hurts. Sleep eludes me, and food (which you all know is my friend) tastes like paste.

I’m not going into details here. It’s still on the DL due to some, uh, “official”, um, stuff. But it’s been hard on the whole family. Lots of tears, lots of ugly things said, lots of hugs and reassurances, lots of one-on-one mommy or daddy time.

And in the middle of it all, I hit 35. And pretty much my whole family forgot all day, which sucked. I got tons of really nice wishes on my FB page, so that was nice, and a good way to start that day (thanks!!!). But sorry babe, I really don’t want to be responsible for handling ANY arrangements for ANYTHING connected to celebrating my day, including finding a sitter, deciding where to eat, who to invite or when to do it all. I have 3 kids plus you to do all that for, plus remembering b-days and anniversaries and such for all the extended family. I’d like a day without planning, please 
I think I need to be done before I spill my guts. No can do bug-a-boo. It’s a much better idea to start stuffing the easter eggs, or maybe helping the boys decorate their Easter buckets. Yeah, that’s it. I’m outtie.

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