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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back-to-school BLISS

Is it just me, or it two whole entire weeks a bit much family togetherness for two young boys?  I can't tell you how ecstatic I was to pack lunches and backpacks the other night, knowing that all 3 boys would be separated and APART ALL DAY.  I may have giggled a little.  I know I did a happy dance in the kitchen.  At night.  In the dark so D wouldn't make fun of me.

And geez know what happened?!  There was 1, ONE, JUST ONE argument last night!  That's it!  It was sheer heaven.  Especially since, for the last two weeks, Drama & Stanky were apparently helpful little angels for Nana, but turned into slavering, rabid, disrespectful monsters every afternoon the moment daddy or I appeared.  Nothing was fair, he always got more of something, he was always hating, he was always calling names, he never shared.  You get it.

Worse, they unloaded on poor Pigpen when they got home!  And turned HIM into a rabid monster.  I swear, I spent more time yelling, putting kids in time-out, taking away privileges and grounding, (and, to be honest here, threatening to smack the crap outta their smart mouths) than I did having Christmas Spirit.  It was kind of disheartening. 

The last of Christmas will (hopefully) be packed away tonight.  After work, dinner & PTC, so then again, maybe not all of it.  I'm hoping that, with the return of our normal habitat, the boys will be less inclined to act like heathen meth-monkeys than properly behaved boys. 

Yeah.  Right.  And I've got a flying pig in the garage waiting for flight clearance.

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  1. All the Chicago public school parents were totally annoyed that our holiday break was cut short to make up for the strike days earlier in the year.


    I was a happy, flying pig. (:


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