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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Professional

Hey there! Howya been?  Same old same old over here in the crazy place.  Just thought I'd pop in and share another gem with you today.

Stanky & Piggy have a bunkbed.  After all the moving and the almost daily taking down of the ladder to ensure that Piggy can't access Stanky's cherished treasures, the brackets finally snapped.  There's just the teeeniest little lip over the edge so you can still hook the ladder on. 

Stanky informed me of this "problem" with the ladder the other night.  My totally appropriate response was, "well, just be careful when you climb up m'kay?"  His response?  'I don't need to be careful, I'm a professional.'  Imagine a kid in undies and socks, perched halfway up a bunk ladder, with the most pitying look on his face, and the most derisive tone in his reedy little voice possible.  Yeah.  I laughed too.

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  1. HA! Where do they learn this stuff??? Awesome.


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