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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What in the WORLD?

Weird things are happening.  I thought there was an earthquake last night - it was just Piggy rolling out of his bed (which shook the entire house).

I discovered that there are WAY more ladies just as twisted and sarcastic as me at our church.  Of course, going on retreat and spending 3 days and nights acting like tweens at a sleepover will do that.

I'm also going to be (gasp!) guest-posting next month!  Like, writing something for reals y'all.  Over here it's just me rambling on and on, but this will be, like, totally something I had to think about and like, edit.  It's ca-ray-zee!

I'll give you more deets when I get them.  I turned my shizz in before the deadline, now it's just a waiting game.  Unless of course, she comes to her senses, laughs her tooshie off and sends the thing back to me full of red lines and sarcasm...

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