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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Definition of 'Nothing'

This is the definition of nothing:

noth·ing [nuhth-ing] noun

1. no thing; not anything; naught: to say nothing.
2. no part, share, or trace (usually followed by of ): The house showed nothing of its former magnificence.
3. something that is nonexistent.
4. nonexistence; nothingness: The sound faded to nothing.
5. something or someone of no importance or significance: Money is nothing when you're without health.   This is my new definition of nothing:   noth·ing [nuhth-ing]     also; nuffink, nuttn, noffin noun   1. not a thing. as in, not a thing I'm willing to tell you about for fear of getting my butt kicked. 2. no part. as in, noffin of da batman gettid broked. (usually requires immediate investigation) 3. something that is nonexistant.  as in, Deres nuffink to do. (nothing involving the mayhem I am known for) 4. of no importance: i not dewin nuttn (wite now). (also requires immediate investigation & detox readiness)  

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