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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Conversations with Pigpen: Episode, oh, who cares!

Commute time is always quality conversation time with my boys.  This morning was no exception. 

The boys were discussing what color of Corvette they would have when they "got big".  Piggy then announced that he would have EVERYTHING, a mo-sicle, a Vette, a monster truck...this list was quite extensive.

I, being the practical parent I am, stuck my foot right into my big fat mouth when I mentioned that, yes, if you don't get married or have any kids, you can probably have whatever toys you want, as long as you work hard and pay for them.  Things went to hell from there.

Drama: You know, if you don't want a kid, you can just, like, shoot it like, you know, a bad guy.

Me: NO!  That's never ok because geez kid how many times do we have to tell you we don't....

Piggy, breaking in and interrupting my foolhardy tirade: If you done wanna kid, you can just give 'em to Santa.  Theys git wapped up inna pesant and gived out.

Crickets people....CRICKETS.

I related that gem to my mom as I dropped the boys off.  Of course, she had an awesome response...

Nana: Did you ask him where he's going?

You can see where we all get this crap, right?

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