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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Conversations with Piggy: The Baby Shower

Pig: Momma!  What day is dis?

Me: Saturday.

Pig: Don't we got summin ta dew taday?  Da pawtie? Duh! (insert obnoxious head-waggle & eye rolling)

Me: Yes, the baby shower is at 2:00.


Pig: We all gonna be in da bafwoom?  Who gunna be in da shaer?

*Entire family erupts into snorts & giggles

Me: It's not that kind of shower Pigs!  It means everyone brings gifts for the baby.

Pig: Baby Yaksun?  It's  not his burfdey!

Me: The baby hasn't been born yet Pigs.  We bring gifts so his mommy and daddy have nice things for him when he comes home.

Pig: Well.  When it's MY burfdey, I don' wanna take a shower.  I just wanna bouncy house m'kay?

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