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Monday, June 10, 2013

First day of Summer Vay-Cay

Strange things started happening today. 

#1: There was only 1 kid in my bed this morning
#2: I did not have to wake anyone up!
#3: Nobody threw a hissy fit before I left for work
#4: I did not have to make any breakfast/lunch this morning!! Well, except my own, but that's easy.
#5: I actually got to take a nice long shower without being stared at like the jellies at the aquarium.

And then I left for work.  Poor Miss Mandy is bearing the brunt of the summer whines.  Yes, I hear tell they have started already!

Drama woke up in a mood.  Banished himself to the garage to work on a model. 

Stanky doesn't want to eat anything in the house.  Typical.  He's currently killing off brain cells with yet another round of IronMan 2 on the idiot-box.

Piggy got the short stick again.  Brothers ran down the KindleFire battery again before letting him have a turn.  It sucks to be the baby sometimes!

I have just under 2 hours left of work.  What are the chances the meth-monkies will have morphed into sweet children by the time I get home? 

Yeah, I'm not holding my breath either.

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  1. You DID have a grand day! Here's hoping the end isn't near!


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