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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If I say it, I'll jinx it.

We've recently had a run-in with some nasty summer bug.  Couple that with the nasty attack that Vacation Bible School gets from satan every year, and it's been a rough couple of weeks.

Thankfully, VBS is running pretty smoothly, despite the illness that's been circulating.  I took over the bulk of the registration responsibilities this year, and, I'm pleased to say, it's worked out rather smoothly.  Of course, I did give my OCD a bit of a loose rein over the process!  The kids are engaged and enthusiastic, and the volunteers all seem tireless and invested.  One of our BEST programs yet!  Our family, church family, and church neighborhood are truly blessed.

Stanky, Piggy & I all stayed home last night, since Piggy spent the day puking all over Miss Moo.  Of course, he was just fine after I got home ;)  Stanky started to leave with Grumpy & Drama, but cried wolf before they even got out of the neighborhood.  How do you teach a kid who spent 2 days (2 weeks ago) puking that he is not going to puke every time his tummy aches?  I'm trying to get the point across that sometimes, it just plain means you are HUNGRY.  He's not having it.  And he's normally my big eater.  This will pass, and I'm sure he will be grazing through a weeks worth of groceries in a couple days.

In other church-related news, we are growing!  So it's time to gather some movers & shakers and make some changes.  If you follow Foundation on facebook, you've probably noticed a few changes to the pages, as well as active links to our church website.  Which is also in the midst of a facelift.  Big changes coming people.  BIG changes.  That said, the changes are only going to compliment the existing (ahem) foundation, not change it.  I think it's important to make note of that fact. 

I can't believe summer is more than half-gone!  Drama is finishing up summer school this week, which means that we only have about a month of summer left before school starts in August.  I'm hoping we can carve out another long weekend to hit the beach before school starts.

Oh oh OH!  I'm probably going to have a REALLY REALLY big announcement here at the end of the summer.  Let's just say that something long wished and worked for is within the grasp of a family member.  NO.  We are not buying a house.  Seriously people.  You'd think we turned into grown-ups or something.  Sheesh!

I'd better get back to the work that pays me now.  Since we all know, from my less than routine posts, that this here blog is a hobby, not a money-maker! LOL

See ya on the flip-side.

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  1. Sorry your babies were sick & can't wait for the big news!!


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