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Monday, July 22, 2013

TB & Learning to say NO

Ever had a case of TB?  No, not the blood-hacking, life-sucking bacterial infection.  I'm referring to the all-too-common case of Tired Butt.  Which this entire family is currently suffering from.

The last two weeks have been complete and utter Cray-Cray.  Seriously.  Set-up for VBS, summer school and work the first week.  (And by set-up, I refer to me letting my minor case of OCD have a field day with registration sign-ins, emergency forms and spreadsheets).  The second week was the actual week of VBS.  And the last week of summer school for Drama.  I'm going to take a moment to whine (although the other 74 VBS volunteers have more cause to do so than I!) here, and give you a quick & dirty rundown of the schedule last week:

5:50 am - first shrill alarm goes off.  Scares the crap out of Grumpy every time.  I just hit snooze.
6:00 am - clock radio alarm goes off for Grumpy.  He actually gets up.  And one or more kids takes his place in my bed.
6:15 am - second shrill alarm goes off.  I briefly debate snuggling the child-sized intruder for another 15 minutes, until I encounter either a puddle of drool, or get farted on.  Either one will get me out of bed.
6:30 am - third attempt to wake Drama for school.  Debate pulling off covers, for fear of what I may find under there.  Do it anyway and narrowly escape the mule-kick-of-death.
6:32 am - attempt to figure out whether this coffee is fresh, or yesterdays' leavings (Grumpy will drink it no matter what). Realize it's too risky to guess and move on with the day.
6:45 am - SUCCESS!  I hear someone peeing, so obviously, someone has gotten up. 
7:00 am - Drama is up and dressed, debating eating at home or convincing me to take him to school (I think I took him one or two days...they are all blurring together.)
7:15 am - if Drama has succeeded in his attempt to get me to chauffer him to school, we are in the car.  I think he does this so he can have his free breakfast at school, and waiting for daddy doesn't leave enough time to eat once he gets there!
7:30 am - One way or another, I'm in the car on the way to work.  Where I will weep silently with gratitude for the overall silence.
8:00 am - realize I did not ingest any sort of caffiene at home.  Scrounge for change for cheap employee coffee from the cafe.
11:00 am - S.T.A.R.V.I.N.G. 
1:40 pm - leave to spring Drama from summer school.  Finally eat something, because I forgot my lunch AND my snacks on the kitchen counter this morning.
2:30 pm - get back to work.  Make stab at being productive.
4:00 pm - leave early to rush home
4:13 pm - arrive home to slap together some semblance of a good meal, unless I remembered to throw stuff in the crockpot (or told my awesomesauce sitter to do so!)
5:00 pm - rush around trying to find everyone's VBS shirts.  4 out of 5 is acceptable at this point.
5:40 pm - arrive at VBS to find hordes already descending on registration...thank my lucky stars I left one of the sign-in sheets with the volunteers.
8:45 pm - leave VBS.  It was awesome all week.  It was exhausting all week.  And I wasn't even teaching! 
9:30 pm - finally convince overstimulated kids to get in bed.  After all, we have to do it all over again tomorrow!

Grumpasaur stayed Friday night to help break down a bit.  I had to say NO and get middle & little home.  And, while he may have said he was going to help out on Saturday, I heard nothing of it.  Until Saturday evening, from my mother.  So I guess I said NO again.  Because I slept in, and lounged around in happy clothes all day, until the boys drove me so completely batty that I agreed to swimming just to get a moment of peace.  Until I remembered Drama had a birthday party at 5.  Sigh  At least I thought to pick up a gift card earlier in the week...

I love love love VBS and what it does for our kids.  But that doesn't make me any less glad that it's over for another year, and I can relax a smidge for the next little while.  At least until I say yes to something else awesome, for which I will likely kick myself later.

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