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Friday, April 10, 2015

Master Bedroom Progress

Wonder of wonders, I've actually done something in my own room!  Of course, that was last year that I painted two walls, but hey, now I have ART in a GALLERY wall over my bed!  And I have pretty bedding!  It's in the closet because my husband hates that the duvet won't stay put, but hey, I have it!

My original inspiration for this room was the large art print that I found on  I know I've said it before, but really, you just can't beat Etsy for artwork!  The prices are phenomenal, and you support small business while you're at it.  And often, you get personalized service from the artisan, which is a spectacular bonus in my book.

Here is where I'm at:

  • Gallery wall - mostly done.  Inspiration piece bought, vintage framed & hung, along with a few other prints, vintage finds, and some original kid artwork.
  • Vanity refreshed - done
  • Nightstand refreshed - not yet
  • Dresser refreshed - nope.  Getting rid of this one!
  • Paint - halfway there.  Having trouble settling on a white for this room.
  • Library wall - in progress.  Bookcases & desk moved in & filled, but still need to refresh those cases!
  • Lighting - blech!  I haven't done a thing.  Need new lamps and a new ceiling fan (non-negotiable)
  • Bedding - bought some pretty bedding, kids spilled yellow paint on it.  On to plan B.
Here is where I started with the inspiration board.  I'll add actual room photos someday when there isn't laundry everywhere. 

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