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Thursday, April 9, 2015

More room inspirations

Not to be outdone, the two little boys (ha, my youngest is 5 now!) asked for an army/camo/lego room.  Their room has been painted bright yellow since we moved in, and they are so over it! 

I wracked my brain trying to figure out how to marry Lego, which is all things bright and garish, and army/camo, which is anything but.  I found some decent bedding online at, and jumped from there.  You'd be surprised how much camo bedding there is online - a bit overwhelming actually!  I looked at both pattern and color, and how the pattern moved through the comforters.  Once I settled on the bedding, I hit up Etsy for further inspiration.

I absolutely LOVE Etsy for artwork.  I did a simple search for Lego art, and stumbled across a "patent art" poster for some Lego bricks.  The artist had many options for backgrounds; I figured a simple chalkboard background would be clean and masculine, without being too babyish or mature.  And, once I found similar prints for army vehicles, I knew I had hit on the room decor.

The boys already have a great set of bunks, which we will be keeping.  They are very similar to the bunks in my inspiration board.  They desperately need a desk that can accomodate both of them, and I went with glass because Stanky is an artist, and loves to draw on a backlit surface.  We've actually modified his current dest with an acrylic insert and light so he can do just that. 

Storage cubes provide hidden storage for toys as well as seating at kid-height.  An accent wall in a deep, dull green and oatmeal taupe on the other walls will balance out the room nicely.  Throw on some insulating curtains and a cool desk light, and these guys should be good to go.

I hope to start picking up bits and pieces for both of the boys' rooms as I run across them, or if they go on sale.  I'm always on the lookout for pieces that echo the feeling of my inspiration boards, at a great price.  Their rooms might look weird in the interim, but weird is better than untouched!

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