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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Ahh the milestones of childhood.  Those rites of passage that, as adults, we look on fondly, and sometimes shake our heads while reaching for another cocktail. 

One of the biggest is learning to ride without training wheels.  It's the wind in your hair, it's the sun on your face, it's not hearing that annoying plastiky scraping sound every time you over-balance and ride the baby-wheels.

Divo hit this particular milestone this weekend.  And all it took was the girl across the street to do it ;)

Nothing like a younger woman to show you up, girly-man.

In other news, Whiney has NOT given up the wheels yet, thing still can't reach the pedals, and the rain has temporarily gone away.  We DO live in California, right?  It's not supposed to be 58 degrees in JUNE!

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