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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Breathe Easy - a note to the nose

Oh my nose, how I've missed you!  My lips are so thankful that you are back, and are hoping for a speedy recovery from the horrid chapping and splitting endured over the last week as a result of all the lip-licking and mouth-breathing going on. 

On another, slightly more personal note, I'd like to thank you for opportunity to use a nasal strip every night.  I was able to breathe a little easier, AND (total plus) the adhesive on those thing yanks blackheads better than any Biore strip I've ever used, without yanking off layers of skin.  On the flip-side of that, the gargantuan zit you grew just south of the nose strip was unexpected and completely inappropriate. 

Did you know that Midol & Pamprin really help relieve nasal swelling?  I sure didn't, until I grabbed the wrong bottle from the cabinet in a fit of watery-eyed, drippy nosed, mouth-breathing pique. 

Maybe I need to invent a nose-tampon.  I mean, I'm sure I stuffed an entire case worth of Kleenex up my nose in a vain attempt to stem the flow of snot...why not just stuff an 8-hour moisture-sucker up there?  We do it once a month anyway, so what's another box of plugs on the grocery list?  Oh right, one more thing you can't send your manly man to the store for at 10 pm when you run out.

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