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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Army Party...4th Birthday Madness

It's official, Piggy is 4.  He couldn't quite wrap his brain around the fact that his actual birthday was Friday (yes, Friday the 13th), and his party, Saturday.  He was just happy to have a day of popsicles and party at pre-K, then a huge, chaotic pool party on Saturday!

I can't remember (since I've slept since then) if I posted about Stanky's army-themed party back in March.  Well, it made an impression on Pigs, so that's what he asked for too.

For some reason, we tend to go big for the 4th birthday, and low-key on others.  Piggy wanted to have his party at Nana & Papa's house, so everyone could swim.  Thankfully the weather cooperated, giving us a pretty dry 100 degree day yesterday.

The one thing Piggy stipulated (other than the venue), was a camouflage cake.  I rolled my eyes and put it off as long as possible, but, that boy was not about to change his mind!

So, 3 cake mixes (I was lazy) later...

Then there were the 4 cans of frosting (hey, my homemade frosting tastes great, but is ALWAYS runny!)...

And finally, here we are!

He was already worn out by the time we took this photo...after all, daddies and 20+ kids had been at this:

For almost 2 hours!  And of course, the party ran late, so all told, we had over 4 hours of pool and junk food time.  I'd say that was a pretty successful birthday, even if I didn't do handmade favors (DollarStore Holla!) or a color-coordinated, 3-course meal.  My kids are simple.  Throw some fruit, chips and dips at them, plop a couple of coolers of capri sun & water down, and they are in heaven.  As long as there is cake and ice cream too!

Happy Birthday Piggy!

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  1. They seem so big at 4!!! I'm attempting my first b-day cake this week for Isaac's 3rd birthday. Hope it doesn't sink like the banana bread. :-) Love your updates!


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