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Friday, September 20, 2013

More Conversations with Piggy

Piggy strikes again!  Here a a couple of gems for your Friday reading pleasure.
Me, at 2:30 this morning:  (Stanky wakes us with a tummy ache. He's shuttled off to the bathroom and some tums, then back to bed.  I roll over, right into the Pigster. "Where did you come from dude?
Piggy: Uh, comed in frum my woom (insert head jiggle here). Duh.
This was apparently funny enough to wake the Grumpasaur into a chuckle.
Also this morning, (Thankfully after we got up):
Piggy, who was still snuggled into my nice warm bed:  Will thombuddy pwese get me some cwothes?
Being the doting mother I am, I picked out something for him.  I neglected to grab clean chonies since, well, he put on a pair of brand new out of the bag ones last night before bed.  This was not OK, and this was the little lecture I got:
Piggy: Ewe dinnit got me no CHOWNEES!
Me: Pigs, you put on those new ones before bed. They didn't get dirty on your clean sleeping body, so I assume they are still good.
Piggy: NO-ah! Dose new chownees is only fow BEDTIME-uh! Get. Me. Old. CHOWNEES!
Of course, being the non-pushover I am, I made him get them himself. No way was I braving the minefield in front of that closet again!  But I learned that only saggy butt, threadbare chonies are appropriate for school.  At least, according to my pint-sized dictator.

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