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Friday, December 17, 2010

It just melts my heart

Disneyland was good.  It was long, and it was fun times.  But the one thing I will remember most had NOTHING TO DO WITH DISNEYLAND.  Other than the fact that we were there when it happened.

Miss Del (my co-worker and honorary grandmother to the boys), had given me some dinero for the boys to buy something from Disney from her for Christmas.  Of course they were overjoyed to have their very own spending money, and spent lots of time deciding just what to get.

Whinemaster opted for two smaller items: Disney Matchbox Jumbo Jet (neon green and covered with the disembodied heads of Mickey, Minnie and the gang) and a Mickey Mouse figurine that he is insisting we somehow put on the Christmas tree as an "Onnahmunt".  He was overjoyed to receive $4.82 change.

Divo spent considerably longer making his choice.  He rejected the offerings at no less than 7 shops before deciding on a really cool light-up light-saber-ish sword thing that will make you dizzy if you stare at it.  Total cost was $10.01, and so he had $10 in change (I supplied the extra penny).

Of course, Whinemaster was upset that HE did not see those "weddy weddy kewl lipe-savors", and commenced the whiney-beggy-borderline-tantrum-y war on mommy's completely sane "I'm sorry honey but you don't have enough money for a sword".

Fast forward about 2 hours, on our way out of the park.  We walk up to the very last vendor of the light-up crap stuff, and the beggy-ness returns.  We look around for something Whinemaster can purchase for his $4.82, and determine that he can afford a necklace if he can get another 18 cents.  Divo has been quietly observing this whiney war for the last few hours and decides the time has come to make his move. 

Just as Whinemaster is about to make his selection and hand over the cash, Divo walks up, brandishing his two crumpled $5 bills.  "Whiney, Whiney, it's okay, I'll getcha that lightsaber."  The look of utter blissful astonishment on my middle son's face was beautiful, as was the aura of pride and accomplishment surrounding my firstborn as he proudly handed over his cash and indicated which sword he wanted for his brother.  Heart Melting.

Whinemaster then thrust his leftover cash at Divo along with a hug.  They both turned away, and noticed their sleeping baby brother.  As one, they turned back to the cart, and got 20 cents from papa for a $5 light up necklace for Thing.  Because he needed something lighty too.

The moral of the story
Just because they try to rip one another's limbs off, bite to scar and basically annoy the living crap out of one another doesn't mean they don't love and take care of each other.  Words can't describe the love and pride I felt in that moment.  Right up until Whiney bashed Divo in the finger with his new lipesabor.

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