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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daddy days are over

Last Friday, D got a job!  Yahoo and woo-hoo and hoo-dowgie and all that jazz. No seriously. I'm more than excited and exuberant and exultant and all those other 'ants.  It's just that, well, I'm being selfish and whiney thinking about how that's going to affect me, myself and I.

I haven't missed the daily crunch of readying 3 things for school/pre-school/daycare.  I haven't missed the yelling, the frantic search for shoes (where to they go overnight?) or the complete lack of nutritious breakfasts eaten at an actual table.  Instant oatmeal and drinkable yogurt in the car are easy, but not, well, car-friendly.

I haven't missed the clingy drop-off.  I haven't missed the tears or the pleading eyes or the whines to go with me. 

I REALLY haven't missed the daycare bills!

I've actually been loving the hugs and kisses goodbye, #3 always standing at the door to wave me off, and the ecstatic greeting from my guys when I get home.  I've been loving having more help with everything, even if it does come with some snark and fussiness.

Alas, my honeymoon is over.  D starts "shadowing" which to my thinking is a nice way of saying he's working for FREE, next week, though his start date is the third. 

Which means I'm back to all of the above, on Monday.  #1 is not thrilled about going back to school-site daycare, but hopefully I can get D to run that drop-off.  #3 will just be happy to GO! with mama and Wogi (#2). 

I'll be shelling out again, and running a little crazier again.  But, I'll have a happy D again too.  It's not easy for such a mans man to sit back and let the wifey bring home the bacon, even if it's not his fault that he's out of a job.  Now he'll be doing something he enjoys, and getting the support and training he has always longed for.  And I really couldn't be happier, or prouder.

I just hope I'll still have all of my hair and my sanity by Christmas.

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