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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Next Great Use For The Camera Phone

During a recent jaunt to our favorite warehouse store, for nothing more than Transformers wallies, we discovered the madness of the SUMMER CHRISTMAS PUSH.  They have Christmas decorations, Halloween costumes and an excess of toys sure to give any red-blooded American child conniptions, all piled next to each other right by the freaking door.

I was immediately beseeched for paper and writing implement, which I was unable to provide.  I was promised that we would never remember EVERYTHING they wanted to ask Santa, The Easter Bunny, leprauchans and every person they are remotely familiar with, for for their next eleventy holidays and birthdays.

Then, TT2 slanted me that sidelong, devious little smirk of his and stated, "You've got your phone, right?  You can just take pichurs of it all and e-mail 'em to evybuddy on da cump-ooter.'

Maude save me from techhie children!  This is what happens when kids meander Costco with a camera phone and a mission:

Anyone else notice how the photos get progressively blurrier?  It's the kid crack.  The plethora of merchandising madness, TV commercials, tiny parts and memories like elephants for everything parents wish they would forget, that turns kids into blithering idiots who can only repeat 'I wan dat, and dat, and dat, oh and dat, and dis, and dat...."

Although, I have to admit the light-up light sabers are pretty awesome.  If it wasn't for TT3 attempting to escape the cart every 2 seconds I totally would have challenged TT1 to a duel.  Who's your mommy?!  No.  I am your mommy!  Join me, and we will complete your training.  With our combined strength! we will defeat the Emperor, and rule the Galaxy together as Mother and SON!  Wait?  What?  I blacked out for a second.

Ahem, as I was saying...

Oh, and this is not the complete album of wonderfully composed photographs cluttering up my phone.  I may need to add another data plan if they ever figure out how to message these things to everyone in my contacts.  I guess I'd better start making that Christmas list and saving my pennies now huh?  Thank goodness they already know they don't get everything they ask for!

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