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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So, I think that, overall, the boys look like D.  Sure, TT2 & 3 have my coloring, but their mannerisms and affectations are all D.  TT1 is mini-D.  I have this photo of them when #1 was about 1, and their expressions are EXACTLY the same.  Too funny.  Can't find it, or I'd post it, not like you care, but still. 

On to my point. 

I've got mini-D's running around.  Now, when #2 was almost 2, he had a literal run-in with a bookcase at daycare.  He ended up with the imprint of a hex-screw on his left forehead.  There is still a dent there to this day.

As you may remember, #3 took a header off the upstairs railing a few weeks ago, and he has a lovely rug-burn scar on his left forehead. 

D has some sort of rash/burn/psoriasis/eczema/?? on HIS left forehead.

And now, #1 has been assaulted by #3 with a Crayola radio, and is currently sporting a lovely 1-inch gash across his, you guessed it! left forehead. 

I'm all for family resemblance, but this is getting re.donk.ewe.lus.  And I'm just waiting for CPS to show up.

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