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Monday, November 5, 2012

Am I being unreasonable? (AKA another rant)

So, we're having a problem.  Specifically, with DELIBERATE disobedience, in our house.  For example,
today, Dramasaur calls me into the bathroom and points to the sink, which is currently holding Ninja, the free goldfish.  Which I specifically told him (both last night and Grumpy again this morning) to LEAVE ALONE and we would take care of the water change/bowl cleanse tonight.

Why is it that Drama consistently thinks that he knows better, and screw what the parents say, he's going to do what he wants anyway?  And worse, he leads his brothers along with him, and so instead of one problem, we've got three.

Thankfully the fish is fine.  For now, since we didn't put any dechlor in the water, and who knows what was on the rag used to wipe out the bowl.  But geez!  Son, you may not like what I've told you to do, but really, there is a reason for it, and the reason is not to tick you off!

This child has, in the last month, been grounded three times.  TV has been revoked numerous times.  Computer use suspended.  Ability to play with neighbor kids taken away.  Dessert gone.  Extra homework from mom added.  Karate lesson taken away, then we tried going an extra day for some re-focus.

NOTHING. FLIPPING. WORKS. with this kid!

I'm disappointed.  I'm angry.  I'm upset and hurt.  I don't like yelling at my kids.  I don't enjoy punishing them (contrary to popular opinion).  I love them so much and am usually so proud of last week when Drama was recognized for all of his hard work in reading.  Of course, he was flying high on the approval, so he apparently decided that gave him license to screw around with other kids in his after school program.  Which meant he was made to write us a letter about his deplorable behavior (yelling in another students' ear and pounding on a girls' backpack while she was wearing it).  Now, I already have a problem with the after school teacher.  She's, well.  She's a word that rhymes with snitch.  She's kind of hateful.  She has told Drama several times that his handwriting is atrocious, his spelling is the worst she's ever seen, and so on.  Who does that?  He's in SECOND GRADE.  He is a LEFTY.  He is in this special after school program to get extra help and support because he's a little behind.  Not to provide this dragonlady with a convenient pummeling person.

Ok, back to the issue at hand. 

Basically, his behavior sucks.  He doesn't care when privileges are suspended, or when he gets extra work from me.  He just. Doesn't. Care.

I'm at my wit's end here.  I love him to pieces, but I really, REALLY don't like him right now.  I'm so pissed off at his attitude that, if we were about a hundred years ago, I'd lay into him with a belt or make him go cut a switch.  Then again, he probably wouldn't care, and I'd have to pull my hair out in frustration.


  1. Oh, I've so been there!

    The re-set button is sometimes very hard to find. For my sons, it usually comes in the form of mommy going a little nuts in a public setting. They probably figure I'll get hauled away if they don't start flying right....

  2. Oh Julie, I've been there to. My baby girl cried through the entire shopping trip today and I could have smacked her in the face! Your boy sounds like he's seriously testing his boundaries. Stay strong and consistent and maybe think about getting the book "Bringing up Boys" I've heard good things about it.
    By the way thanks for all of you sweet comments on my blog. I can't respond through email though because you have the "no reply" setting.


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