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Monday, November 26, 2012

Vacation, Thanksgiving & The Aftermath

Monday - work as usual.  Sitter has seizure, mom gets boys.  Grumpy on scene, so emotional scarring minimal.  For the kids anyway.

Tuesday - no work after all.  Nice quiet day.  Park time, haircut, dinner.  Nice.

Wednesday - no work.  Kids behaved pretty well - not sure, since they were outside almost all day.  Got shizz done.  The End.

Thursday - Stanky wanted to get up at the butt-crack.  Because it was a 'vewy speshul day!'.  Which I was reminded of every 10 minutes between 6:30 and 7:30 when I finally decided sleep was not going to happen.  Nice day with the family - all of us!  No squabbles, disagreements, or otherwise snarky comments.  The kids behaved too!  Got some cute photos of the kids doing their thing together.  Spent some time at Michael's with Gigi and made some scores.  It was a good day.

Friday - We. Did. NOTHING.  It. Was. AWESOME.  I'm sure the kids played or something, but Grumpy and I pretty much migrated from bed to couch to kitchen and back to couch. 

Rinse & repeat for Saturday.

Sunday - Church - great message as always.  Love our church :)  Pawned off Drama & Stanky to papa for a couple of hours.  Took Piggy & the bikes over.  Christmas decorations came out.  Struggle.  Piggy's head almost broke the coffee table. 
Bikes were ridden.  Papa took them across to the school.  Stanky decided to show off for some cute older girls.  He munched concrete.  Niiiiice road rash on the elbow. 
Bikes were ridden again.  Don't really know what happened.  Just that Piggy blasted into the house screeching 'Brudder cwashed anis bawl sac is BWEEDING!' Picture huge eyes and frantic panting.  Yeah, it was awesome.  There was, in fact, a bleeding ball-sac, which I got an eye-ful of, thanks Drama.  Papa did too.  But, there's no permanent damage.  The challenge now is to keep him from showing off his injury LMAO.
Again with the bikes.  As I packed up the car with our treasures (Nana's been giving away stuff like crazy lately!) Stanks & Piggy decided to bungee their bike & bigwheel together.  That did not end well for Piggy.  He and Stanky now sport matching elbow road-rash.

It's back to work today.  Hopefully things will settle down a bit!  At least for a few days.

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