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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Thank GAWD it's OVER!  Halloween that is.  I love dressing up, and the free candy is a nice bonus, but man the stress!

Since this is our first "holiday" in the new house, we weren't quite sure what to expect.  Here's a quick rundown:
  • First off, I picked up the kids after work as usual, and we saw a gaggle of SAHMs & their tiny tots out banging down doors before we even turned into our driveway.  Um, why bother going out if people aren't even home from work yet, nevermind in the middle of an early dinner?
  • About half of the parents swarming our area appear to be completely unaware of the RULES. 
    1. If the porch is dark, don't knock/ring/bang.  There is no candy here!
    2. Let the littles go first.  I can't tell you how many big kids I saw pushing in front of the toddlers, which just chaps my cheeks.
    3. If a bowl of candy be on the floor, take one piece of candy, NO MORE!

  • The older the neighbor, the more candy given at one time.  Then there are the next-door neighbors.  They kept telling the boys to come back, because they had too much candy left. 
We had to go back to the house to empty buckets before heading out again to the other side of the neighborhood.
This was only 2/3 of the candy we brought home after round 1.  This bin is about 2 feet tall, and about 20 inches round.  It's full now.

The boys had so much candy that they actually turned on the porch light and started handing out their candy to the late stragglers.  Late as in it was barely after 7, pitch black outside and getting cold.  We still have enough candy to see us through 'til Easter.

On a completely unrelated note, I'd like to thank whomever decided to market face tattoos for Halloween.  Pigpen decided his Spidey mask was too tight, and routinely pushed it up on his head.  We stumbled across a Spidey face tattoo at the costume store.
Of course, he announced that this was his mask at each and every house they stopped at.  And then Stanky had to correct that statement with a snarky, 'It's a TATTOO, not a mask.' At each and every house they stopped at.  I think he was still miffed that he didn't have a mask.  Drama decided his mask was too hot, and ditched it about 1/3 of the way through round 1.  The Wolverine claws didn't last much longer, since he couldn't knock, ring, or pick up candy!

All in all though, a successful round of pillaging.  And I'm sure the neighbors, if not Nana & Papa, will have plenty of leftovers to keep the boys in sugar-heaven indefinitely.

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  1. I'd write something witty, but the sugan has killed all my brain cells. GREAT mask...ER...TATTOO!!


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