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Friday, November 9, 2012

Dear's not you, it's me.


I know you're feeling neglected.  Maybe even like I've abandoned you.  I'm sorry.  I didn't realize you felt this way until last night, when you chucked your blades at me as I picked you up.  It's nothing to do with you, really.  Let me explain m'kay?

It's now in the low 60's every day, and getting colder every week.  Gone is the urge to don shorts and capris, because, well, I like my legs to be warm.  And seriously, when I can grow my own sweater-pants, why should I buy thermal underwear?  I can't grow those awesome custom-fit sweater pants when I'm seeing you every day.  Or even every couple of days.  Oh I'll still visit you for some underarm action, but  I can't keep leading you on.  Those long steamy shower sessions are over. 

I've also kicked the cold tea & soda habit due to the colder weather.  It's time for hot chocolate and coffee in the mornings, and those things are more spendy than my 99 cent soda refill.  Your refills aren't cheap babe, and honestly, I'd rather be fuzzy and warm than sleek and shivering.  That $14 a pop can be funneled to my funky sock habit, as well as my cheap employee coffee addiction. 

I'll miss you.  Not really your annoying little nips when you're worn out, but your smooth glide no matter how fuzzy I get between visits.  See you in May!!!


  1. I also get the urge to grow out my leg hair in the winter! Haha

  2. I call it my "Winter Coat". It's neccessary temperature protection!


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