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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Conversations with Pigpen: Episode 1

Piggy is so flipping hilarious that I just this very moment decided that I need to do a running post of the shizz he says.  Fer Realz peeps, it's cross-your-legs funny.

For instance, yesterday.  Driving home, The Pig is lamenting the fact that we are running later than usual.  As we drive up to the house and the garage door goes up...

Piggy: 'Betcha da twuck is inna gwage since we runnin late....HEY!  We beated daddy home!'

(I don't normally engage him when he says stuff like that, because it's a losing argument, but for some reason today...)
Me: 'Pigs, it's not a race - we just drive home like normal.'

Piggy: 'Nope, we was WACEING weally, weally fast like a wacecaw and ZHOOOM we getted home before daddy and budders and I get to WATCH MY SHOW!!'

(crickets started chirping)

Me: 'Um, pigs, it's really not a race.  Sometimes we are home sooner, sometimes daddy gets to leave early and...
Piggy (rudely interrupting): 'WELL.  It was a WACE in my HEAD (picture indignant little face complete with head-bobble & wagging pointy finger)!'

Really, what can you say to that?  I guess I'm just glad he has an active imagination?

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