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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Conversations with Pigpen: Episode 2

"MOM!  Don't step over hewuh inna duht."

Said patch of dirt is nowhere near any place I ever walk, so, um, ok.  But I had to ask.  WHY do I always have to ask?!

'Why Piggs?'

"I bewied da fish right hewuh. Dat's why."

I'm confused now.  We only have one fish, swimming happily in Drama's room upstairs.  Yet again, I have to ask.  DANG IT!!!

'Um, Piggs, what fish did you bury?  Not Mr. Gold right?'

"DUH Momma - my cwackuhs from Sunday School Day.  I didn't like dum, and I not 'posed to frow away da food.  So I bewied dem."

The. End.

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