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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Stanky!

I totally thought I posted this last week - guess I failed again huh?

Stanky, I cannot believe you are 6 now!  Yesterday you were a not-so-tiny month early baby who had gas from day 1.  Now you are a big kindergartner, a budding artist, and all-around fun kid.

You make my days sweeter with your hugs & kisses, freely given.

You make me smile constantly with your silly jokes that make no sense.

Your love-hate relationship with your brothers by turns melts my heart and makes me want to, well, um, nevermind because somebody will want to call CPS (damn meddlers!)

You astonish me every day with your drawings and building creations - I never knew a 5/6-year old could make things like that.  I can't make things like that!

You make me laugh when you run, cause you look kinda like a goose.

I love how you demand mommy-time, even though you ask at the worst times possible.  And usually to tick off your brothers.

You are working SO hard to learn your stuff!  I'm so proud of you for always doing your best, even when you don't know how. 

I haven't heard you say "I can't..." in quite a while now.  Love that.

And I love your dimples!!! (WARNING: Gratiuitous photo-sharing ahead!)

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