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Monday, April 22, 2013

Conversations with Pig Pen: Episode, umm, 8 (I think!)

Waking the boys is always an adventure.  There are days when they spring out of bed and wake ME up (but never on a school day), and days when, no matter what we do, they roll over, channel their inner teenagers and start farting & grunting. 

Today was no exception.  I received 1 farter, I moaner (who also tried to kick me), and one who looked me straight in the eye, started a conversation and drifted right back into sleepy-land.

Piggy was Mr. Sleep-Land this morning.  I tried waking him again, and this is what happened:

Piggy: 'MOM!  (frantically inspects his hands) Show me your hands!

Me: holds out hands palm down, wondering what the heck.

Piggy: 'Now the unders! Quick!'

Me: shrugs & does as requested, wondering where in the world this is going.

Piggy: shrieks 'No!  It's not YOU get'n old, it's MEEEEEEEEEEE!'

Then he rolled over and went back to sleep. 

On a side note, Stanky informed me yesterday that my right foot looks old.  Not the left, just the right.  Yes, this is my life.

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