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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Where the sleepwalker goes

It was one of those nights.  One where nobody wanted to go to sleep, and the monkeys were still swinging at 9:30.  Well, 2 of 3 were.  One was playing with smuggled toys, the other kept complaining of a tummyache.  Pretty standard fare around here.

Until 9:40, when Stanky stumbled down the stairs in a daze.  This child has been known to sleepwalk to the bathroom, so I just figured he had to pee.  I walked him back upstairs, and he just trundled on into his room, up the ladder and into his bunk.  Easy-peasy right?

Drama comes running around the corner, stage-whispering urgently, 'Mom you hafta come here NOW.'

Pretty sure I was going to find some gross exudate of some sort, or at the very least, toothpaste all over my bathroom counter, I instead find Drama standing at my cute little vanity-turned-desk, pointing to the open drawer.

Full of PEE.

You see, apparently Stanky visited his brother in my bathroom prior to his jaunt down the stairs.  Drama swears he very helpfully positioned his brother in front of the toilet, where he stood swaying until he decided the toilet was not the proper receptacle for his urine.  He walked right past Drama (who was probably picking his butt and being oblivious), to the desk, pulled out the drawer and hosed it all down.

GROSS.  Pee was everywhere.  Thankfully, there wasn't really anything in that drawer I needed to salvage.  It was a simple rinse & disinfect mission.  But still. GROSS.

Parents of boys BEWARE.  Sleepwalkers go everywhere.

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