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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I think expats have the right idea...

You may or may not know that D was offered a very random, yet very interesting job a few months back.  It is still on the table, we just won't be serving that particular dish up for comment until after the first of the year. 

But I digress.  I have to say, I do a damn good job of NOT getting into politics here on the blog, but after last night, I'm ready to move to Cambodia like the Meanderthals.  It was a choice between non-choices.  I mean, how do you decide who is going to be the lesser of two evils?  JB had his chance, MW well, she's more like AS than many care to admit, but SERIOUSLY? 

Not a bleeding-heart liberal, right or left wing here, just a relatively sane adult who makes her choices based on what she thinks is best rather than what my friends, family, or "party" think is appropriate (need I say I am often at political odds with all of the above?).

You know what really made me sick though?  The number of elected officials who were running un-opposed!!!  SERIOUSLY?!?!  What right do any of us have to bitch and moan if nobody has the schmidt to step up to the plate and make a genuine effort to effect change at the request of the people they profess to serve?!

Ok, I'm done soap-boxing.  Maybe I'll run for office next millenium.

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