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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

National Anti-Procrastination Day

It's November 6th this year, and I'm all for it.  Except that I procrastinated posting this blog and now you may not have time to join the fun, but that's OK.

Wanna see my list (so far)??

1. Fold all the laundry that has been obscuring the living room couch for the last, well, forever.

2. Put away all that nicely folded laundry in the room / dresser / closet it belongs in.
3. Clean out fridge, finding nasty smell in the process. (*note to self: cleaning means bottle of cleaner, sponge/paper towels and actually spraying & wiping each shelf, ledge, bin and crevice while no food items are housed in the fridge. Do not let cleaner freeze on shelves!)
4. Sort landslide of 2,637,984 toys in living room while children nap.
5. Move remaining 6 toys to playroom.
6. Clean boys' (shudder) bathroom. Seriously, if you saw it, you'd shudder too!
7. Find smell in car.
8. Remove all trash, dirty socks, random kid underwear and parts of broken toys from backseat of car.
9. Have car carpets cleaned - hey! this might get rid of the smell!
10. Clean shower/tub in master bath. Have I done this since we moved in?
11. Clean up all nasty little whisker shavings from hubby's sink that drive me insane and look disgusting like little brown maggots.
12. Clean the layer of dust currently stuck to master bath counter and backsplash with hair spray. Not sure what will accomplish this, but I'll try.
13. Get rid of the stuff in my closet I can't or won't wear - it's almost winter - someone else needs it!
14. Bathe the dog so she can come back in the house. Again, it's almost winter, she's overdue for that biannual bath.
15. File all bill stubs, paycheck stubs, and receipts that are currently rendering my desk un-useable.
   15a. Figure out why hubby's jacket is shoved under the roll-top of my desk. AGAIN.
   15b. Sort all old kiddie art & store it away.
   15c. Are you REALLY going to do that hand-shaped turkey foam craft thingie??

And there you have it, my list in progress of things I have been putting off for, oh, about the last 4 years.  Except the car stuff, that's only been the last year or so (it's a new-to-me car).
I'm sure I'll have to put this on the iTouch notes app so I can keep adding to it.  Oh wait!  I've been putting that off!

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