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Monday, November 8, 2010

It's over, he's official now.

Okay, so I committed a MAJOR faux pas when posting to FB last week.  In all honesty, I was just so flippin excited and proud and, damn it, USED TO writing the word county that when I tried to type city it just still came out county.  I. Am. SORRY. 

Dlite is now a fire inspector for Tulare CITY Fire.  Which is basically a Captain, but as I was recently informed, they don't go by ranks there so it's just me being snobby and overexcited when I post that tidbit.  WHUCK?

In my most HUMBLE opinion, I cannot be too anything when it comes to my man getting that which he has worked his ass of for for the last, oh, almost 15 years now.  There is no such thing as too proud, too excited, too supportive or anything!  All you people that think so can just SHUT. THE. HELL. UP.

You know who you are.  Well, you probably have not been invited to read my blog, so you really don't know who you are but now I'm rambling and it's over so I'll get over.  It.  Or something.

(shakes head)  Ok, back to reality.

It's Day 1.  So far, so good.  He sounded happy and reluctantly excited over the phone.  As you know, this is not a man given to extremes of emotion, so hearing the muted excitement in the voice was wonderful for me.


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