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Friday, June 15, 2012

Babe, you REALLY lettered in softball?

Yeah GS, I did.  Though, it was a very small middle school, and if memory serves we kind of sucked, and I think they may have lettered everyone to make us feel good about ourselves, but yes, I lettered in softball.

GS: Um, so, what happened?  You suck now.

Me: DUH!  That was twenty ahem!3 years ago, and I've like, doubled in size, expelled 3 children, and unofficially boycotted anything remotely resembling exercise that does not involve a sensation of weightlessness since we had Dramasaur.  (shakes head in disgust)

GS: Hmpf.  That's nice.  Practice Sunday afternoon?

Potentially helpful background for those not present in my everyday:

GS and I are playing softball with our church teams.  GS played last year, but I sat out since Thing was still small and we really didn't have a sitter to rely on for those game nights & practices.  And, that was a hugely competitive league and I am SO not about that.

Different league this year, 3 teams with different playing levels.  I'm on the "fun" team.  GS is on the mid-level competitive team.  Then there is the non-cohesive (so far) ultra-competitive team.  GS's team is 1-2, my team is 0-2.  BUT.  We've kept the point spread to a minimum (usually 4), we have a great time, we support the crappus out of each other, and scream like banshees whenever anyone does anything remotely resembling a good play in the interests of supporting one another.  Like I said.  The FUN team.


  1. My husband is adding me to his volleyball team's roster. Nobody is going to cheer me. They will all point and laugh. I want the fun team.

    1. Now why would he do such a thing? I mean, ok if you asked that's one thing. But just because? That's just mean!

      There's nothing like having your kids stand and applaud you as you take a tumble and roll in the dirt, scraping the hell out of your entire leg in the process.


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