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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grumpasaur Grumblings

So, the Grumpasaur recently accomapined the Divasaur on his last first-grade field trip.  To the zoo.  I know!  I sorta maybe rubbed my hands together and maybe even offered up a prayerful thanks to the effect of 'better him than me'.  I know, not very Christian of me, but I'm only human right?  Right?

So, I tried to warn him.  Really I did.  I asked if he was aware that he would not just be hangin with his own kid, strolling thru the zoo on the hottest day of the year to that point.  He assured me that he knew that, but figured he could handle 3 kids, since hey, that's what we have.  Right?  Oh honey, oh so wrong!

I've transcribed the texts verbatim.  Hey!  I laughed ok?  This blog is for MOI, not TOI!

Me, 9 am, 1030 am, 11 am, then I figure, what the shrek - I've got work to do...: Hmm.  I kissed 'em both goodbye hours ago.  I wonder if they are both still alive...

GS, 12:39 pm: O dear god make them stop asking questions!

Me, 12:40 pm: LMAO

GS, 12:40 pm: Everybody had 6, I have 10 little crappers
       12:41 pm: they stuck together really good!  Just won't shut up

Me, 12:41 pm: No. Words.  I have no words!

GS, 12:41 pm: and they listen good which was a shock

Me, 12:41 pm (I know, we txt fast!): :)

GS, 12:43 pm: All but C and G little pain in my asses.

Me, 12:43 pm - thinks, you have two asses?: Ha!  You got those two brats!? LOL

GS, 12:43 pm: I would leave there butts gated up here...with the frekin animals

Me, 12:44 pm: Um, you know C is Divasaurs' bestie right?

And crickets start chirping, the breeze is blowing, and apparently I've ticked him off enough for the rest of the afternoon.  My job here is done suckas!

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